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Positive energy--medicine rehabilitation nephropathy

2017-05-04 17:42
For most people, know they have a difficult time for nephropathy, body will produce the stress response, causing nerves were strained.Experts pointed out that the complex-energy-which kidney disease hospital of Shandong Province Stress, anxiety, Disappointment, depression and other negative attitudes can stimulate the endocrine system produces a substance to cortisol, Can lead to decreased immune function, nephrotic extremely adverse to the long-term treatment and rehabilitation.
Positive energy rehabilitation medicine nephropathy
People are an important part of the treatment and rehabilitation of nephropathy
In the weeks the doctor's view, the complex-energy-which kidney disease hospital of Shandong Province Faced with adverse emotional damage on immunologic function Kidney patients should have the idea of "people" On the one hand, now that you've got kidney disease will frankly accept, Since accepting believe, I believe that the positive effect of the treatment, I believe the doctor's treatment plan, but also believe that kidney disease can be defeated.
Dr Chow said: "the whole and the part the complex-energy of kidney medicine therapy have been used in clinical for 10 years, countless rehabilitation of patients.Different from other causes of nephropathy therapy, the treatment of the complex-energy of kidney hospital would be "people" as an important part of clinical treatment, that positive energy is an antidote to the rehabilitation of nephropathy."
The complex-energy-which kidney disease hospital of Shandong Province is one of the domestic large-scale features of a kidney specialist hospital, the hospital is difficult to compare the concentration of kidney patients here.The Director of the hospital, The complex-energy-Renal Care Act, founder of Kuo Pao Kun's leaves the President also pointed out that: "People factors on the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with nephropathy, it does not play a decisive role, the related factors also account for a very important position.The complex-energy of kidney medicine also confirmed that when patients with depressed state of mind, the body vulnerable to blood stasis, Qi stagnation and phlegm accumulation, which is an important factor to aggravate the disease; Conversely, a good mood of the people, Qi unblocked, it is more advantageous to the recovery of kidney disease.In addition to scientific treatment, one who is able to achieve long-term rehabilitation patients, all must be strong positive energy."
Take as they come
Attitude change can increase the recovery rate of renal disease
Big brother, 42-year-old Chen in Inner Mongolia On 2011, diagnosed as IgA nephropathy (Phase II), when no specific way to the doctor's friend told him that the disease can only be a long-term maintenance of conservative treatment of illness, "that you are going to die?I was at home wondering can't let that happen, have to take the initiative and go out and try, in a chat with patients I see the complex-energy-which kidney disease hospital of Shandong Province."The idea of talking about the initial treatment, Chen said, was easy, I can see more relaxed state of mind.
Chen says To before the treatment in general, the complex-energy-which kidney disease hospital of Shandong Province But after a few days in the treatment of here, The effect of feeling you have, through their own urine can see it, and the immune complexes more, also can see from the results, egg white and less.I also saw some of the patients worse off than me, someone come back, now overcast.It makes me very confident of their rehabilitation.
How to get the best effect?I think it is a man, a change in the mentality, the mentality of a man who is not the same, angry every day, a lot of it on the renal damage."This is big brother Chen in the complex can feel the biggest in the treatment of renal medicine, he thinks that you're right.If conservative treatment at home, not to know more about how to learn, to retain the confidence of the treatment, the condition may also remain in the original state.

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