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How to prevent and treat patients with IgA nephropathy?

2017-05-06 18:00

Kidney disease experts pointed out that, for the care of IgA nephropathy, there are several methods.

1, IgA nephropathy patients should be reasonable arrangements for their diet

For patients with IgA nephropathy, try to taste in the diet should be light, avoid alcohol and spicy foods, renal function impairment occurred when the need to control the use of protein absorption of rice, egg, milk, lean meat in animal protein is the main, and oral essential amino acids to avoid bad nutrition agent.

2, patients should maintain adequate sleep and rest

Patients should maintain adequate sleep and rest. Sleep bed, there is more blood flow to the kidney, is conducive to the recovery of IgA nephropathy. Adults should sleep 7 to 8 hours a day. Sleep environment is quiet, warm feet before going to bed, to help sleep. Do not drink tea before going to bed drink coffee, do not eat food, or hinder sleep. Moderate exercise.

3, patients should increase the understanding of IgA nephropathy

Patients should deepen the understanding of IgA nephropathy, so determine the condition and treatment is not the same, and the course of treatment may be longer. The 1 part of the patient needs renal biopsy in order to determine the condition, guide the treatment and diagnosis of disease progression, the patient has a basic understanding of the relevant knowledge, can reduce the fear and strengthen the cooperation with the doctor.

For patients with friends should strengthen the nursing care of IgA nephropathy, in the daily life to maintain a good living habits, a healthy kidney diet, and actively cooperate with the treatment of patients.

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