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What are the methods of recuperation for Yang deficiency?

2017-05-12 09:26
Yang deficiency constitution is also a relatively common disease, in fact, this group of people living in the minority. Just a few people whose symptoms are less obvious. The main manifestation of Yang deficiency is that the breath is weak and cold. The symptoms of the disease are mild and have little impact on people, but if severe, they can cause harm and are more likely to induce other diseases. So we must pay attention to the disease. Then, once you find yourself weak Yang, how should you treat or recuperate?. First of all, I suggest that we should take good care of ourselves through exercise. There is a good saying, while stillness is Yin and Yang is yang. So, if you do not exercise, it is easy to make the body Yang deficiency tendency. In modern society, many people are busy with their work and do not like sports very much, and some eating habits and other living habits are not very good, and the groups of people with Yang deficiency constitution are also increasing. We must pay more attention to improving these habits. Of course, if after some nursed back to health, found that the body or not improved, you can go to the hospital for examination and treatment. Secondly, I suggest that you can take care of it by massaging the acupuncture points. Especially when you cold hands and feet, through some massage or rub each other, so that warm hands and feet, you can play a certain role in aftercare. Also, massage, Zusanli, Yongquan point, but also nursed back to Yang, the constitution is a good way. If you don't know these points or do not know how to massage, consult a doctor or an expert. In addition, for such people, usually diet should also pay more attention to, pay attention to the quality and nutrition of food. Can go to know what food can be nourishing and Tonifying Qi usually. Yang deficiency constitution is more common, especially now, many people's living habits are more or less certain problems. In fact, when you encounter this problem, you do not necessarily have to go to the hospital for treatment. You can take care of your Yang deficiency constitution through some methods. So that the body to restore health. Of course, if the symptoms are serious, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment.

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