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Which bad habits in life are prone to hurt the kidney, these

2017-05-12 09:37

Many people think that simple kidney metabolism of human excreta is only responsible for this task, however, in the human body kidney function has many, such as maintaining the acid-base balance of human body, to maintain body balance of sodium and potassium and other elements, once the impaired renal function, the function of the human body will not be able to operate normally, in fact often renal injury patients with bad habits, we will try to understand what life bad habits are easily Shangshen.

renal failure

Diet on taste, love to eat salty food will induce hypertension of the systemic disease, hypertension is often accompanied by nephropathy together, both are inseparable like twin brothers, so to avoid kidney damage, every day should control the intake of salt, such as salt intake exceed the standard recommended by the sweat, in addition to metabolism, should also pay attention to moisture the supplement, so you can play the role of salt dilution.

Just take medicine will damage the kidneys, a lot of people usually have little symptoms will choose to judge the cause, and then casually to the pharmacy to buy medicine to eat, but many patients are unknowingly using the wrong medicine, we all know that three drug misuse will lead to wrong long-term toxin in the kidney and cause cholestasis, nephropathy.

Usually love to eat high protein food, can cause hematuria in high concentration, and cause hyperuricemia, this disease is very big damage to the kidneys, it is not only easy to induce between renal tubule and renal interstitial lesions, even for not timely treatment caused by chronic renal failure disease occurs, you must this caused enough attention.

What life bad habits are easily injured kidney I believe we have a certain understanding, not only the bad habits will harm the human body kidney, eat too sweet, too much oil, or often hold back will cause damage to the kidney, in order to reduce the incidence of kidney, the usual diet should not only pay attention to the light, but also to avoid long time holding back, but also to the appropriate physical exercise, it can fundamentally prevent nephropathy.

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