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In terms of water intake control, dialysis patients should d

2017-01-24 17:07
1, limit the amount of liquid, avoid chewing gum
2, eat less food containing water. Such as: fruits, vegetables, porridge, soup, cold drinks.
3, lemon or peppermint added in the drink, avoid drinking tea or coffee.
4, to develop the habit of sipping, do not drink.
5, when thirsty in the mouth with ice, or ice water gargle.
6, as far as possible the use of liquid medicine when eating, to reduce the amount of drinking water.
7, pert attention, try to find something to do, want to drink more water.
8, patients with high blood sugar will increase thirst, should control blood sugar.
9, with the scale of the small cup of water, so that will not drink too much, the total amount of water per day can also master.
10, salt restriction, avoid using salted ingredients and seasoning salt, eat more light, less thirst.

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