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Creatinine 7.7 in patients with renal failure how to avoid k

2017-06-03 11:06

Creatinine 7.7 renal failure patients how to avoid kidney transplantation? Generally, clinically, once the creatinine is higher than 7.7, kidney or kidney transplant will be required to reduce creatinine levels. Because at the stage of creatinine 7.7, many symptoms will occur. If you can not take timely and effective treatment, patients will have a great life risk.
For patients with creatinine 7.7, dialysis or kidney transplantation will be the only option?
In fact, kidney transplantation or dialysis is not the only option. Traditional Chinese herbal remedies can help patients improve renal function, micro-traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy is one of the most effective therapy.
How to use micro-infiltration therapy to help patients with renal failure to avoid dialysis or kidney transplantation?
In facts, it has been proved that Chinese medicine on patients with renal failure doesn’t have  much side effects, the most important thing is that it can fundamentally help patients get rid of the root cause, in this therapy, there are countless Chinese herbal medicine. In order to be able to improve the efficacy of these herbs, it will be ground into powder, and then these powder will be packed into two bags, and then put the two drug bags on the patient's Shenshu points, so the active substance in these herbs can reach the kidney, in order to achieve the promotion of blood circulation, the purpose of expansion of blood vessels. With the promotion of blood circulation and expansion of blood vessels, damaged kidney cells will be gradually restored, so as to restore renal function. Then, with the increase of renal function, the patient will have a great chance of avoiding dialysis or kidney transplantation.

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