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How does chronic nephritis treat, what treatment method has?

2017-06-10 09:56

Chronic nephritis is a very common chronic glomerular disease. Its incidence is usually concealed and the course of disease is very long. The development of the disease is very slow. After suffering from chronic nephritis, the patient will appear systemic weakness, mental fatigue, and sometimes without edema and other symptoms, then how to cure chronic nephritis? Here we will introduce the treatment of chronic nephritis.

How is chronic nephritis treated?

1, general treatment

If chronic nephritis patients with no obvious edema, proteinuria and other symptoms, there is no manifestation of renal dysfunction should pay attention to the prevention of respiratory tract infection, avoid excessive overworked, then don't use some nephrotoxic drugs. For patients with kidney failure in the short term, rest should be taken and salt intake should be reduced. If the patient's urine protein is lost more, but the kidney function can also need to supplement the right amount of animal protein, kidney function has declined patients will control the intake of protein in about 30 grams.

2 、 drug therapy

Chronic nephritis can also use drugs, drugs are often used in the main is converting enzyme inhibitors and receptor antagonists, these two drugs can lower blood pressure, but also can reduce the urinary protein, renal function decline and deterioration of renal function. However, the use of these drugs requires regular measurements of blood pressure, blood potassium, and renal function. If there is an increase in serum creatinine in the first use, there is no risk factor to be examined.

How does chronic nephritis treat? On the above, we briefly introduced the treatment of chronic nephritis, hope to help friends in need. If chronic nephritis can not be treated in time, it will develop into chronic renal failure, so the treatment of chronic nephritis is the earlier the better, we must pay attention to it.

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