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Styled careful suffer kidney

2017-06-15 17:27

In the middle of life, the special stages of life, physical, psychological, social, and many other reasons, so that people intentionally or unintentionally "middle-aged" and "beginning of weakness" equate. Coupled with advertising around the world are propaganda, "ten men nine virtual", "fatigue is kidney deficiency", "kidney deficiency will be kidney", making many tired of living middle-aged people always feel empty. In order to get some psychological comfort, many people go to buy kidney medicine to eat. So, in middle age, you must have kidney?

"Empty" is mostly caused by psychological pressure

The Chinese medicine kidney concept is mainly from the functional perspective, covering the human reproductive, urinary, nerve, bone and other tissues and organs, regulate body functions and life activities provide "vitality", "power" role. The kidney of Chinese medicine is difficult to understand from the point of view of Western medicine. The kidney concept of Western medicine is only the kidney from the angle of anatomy.

Deficiency is the result of low functioning and lack of nutrition. Kidney deficiency can show renal dysfunction. For example, slow growing, not easy to fracture, sexual dysfunction, anemia, hold urine, and weak. These are also common cases of middle-aged people, but it can not be generalized, every occurrence of these symptoms is certainly caused by kidney deficiency. Clinically, many middle-aged people find the doctor for help, how to solve the problem of low functioning, and strongly suggest that the kidney is required. In fact, to further explore their condition, mostly caused by psychological pressure. Therefore, the doctor who is in charge of this kind of help will not give him medicine for tonifying the kidney.

There are many mistakes in tonifying kidney

There are many people who do not have to go to the kidney, fatigue, age is not defined standard of kidney. People who did not need the kidney to eat the kidney medicine, not only nutrients can not be made up, and returned to the organs added to the burden of detoxification. Some people think that "middle-aged people to the spleen and stomach is not good, but also to the kidney," which is inappropriate. "Medicine is three points poison", the kidney of the medicine, the spleen and stomach bad people hurt more, forced to make up, the body not only can not absorb, but has side effects.

Regardless of "Yin Deficiency" or "Yang Deficiency", it is wrong to blindly invigorate the kidney. The "deficiency of kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency, yin deficiency is nutritional deficiencies, hyperthyroidism, because the" fire "caused by the excessive consumption of substances in the human body due to yin deficiency, also is the" Yang "hyperactivity. Chinese medicine has always stressed the balance of yin and Yang of the body, if the "Yin Deficiency" when the "Yang Deficiency" or vice versa, will seriously undermine the balance of the human body, aggravating the disease.

The pig kidney and tonifying the kidney on beneficial oyster

There are three main points to protect the kidney qi: attention to moderate exercise, sexual life and sleep. Proper exercise can improve physical fitness, active thinking, strong physique, promote digestion and absorption of nutrients, so as to consolidate the kidney; secondly, sexual life should be modest, not reluctantly, not indulgence; in addition, an important guarantee of adequate sleep is a renewed spirit, work tension, home worry more, to sleep to rest time. Must strive to do these three points, or else how much Bushen pills, the effect will not be good.

Chinese often say "not drug Sibu", we often eat food have the function of the kidney, for example, pig kidney, oyster, walnut. Pig kidney and oysters contain large amounts of zinc, is very good for the kidney, walnut and Runfei effect, raw food or one or two walnut with one pound liquor for a month, every night, drinking a small amount can reach the effect of Tonifying the kidney. There are also folk "Northeast ginseng, Jiangnan hippocampus" view. That is to say, the hippocampus and the ginseng tonic effects are famous, the traditional Chinese medicine Bushen prescription soup to useful in. Of course, if you suspect your kidney deficiency, finally diagnosed side also need expert can start medicine, this is the most insurance method.

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