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What are the disadvantages of renal dialysis?

2017-06-15 17:44

For dialysis of kidney disease, nephrotic experts point out that hemodialysis can mix the albumin and urea mixture into the dialyzer and excrete it artificially to make the body balance. However, many patients who are ready to undergo renal dialysis are wondering what are the disadvantages of renal dialysis?

Kidney disease expert Professor Zhang Qirui pointed out that dialysis is hemodialysis, hemodialysis refers to the solute through the membrane from high concentration solution to the motion direction of low concentration. Hemodialysis involves the movement of solutes and the movement of water, which can cause metabolic waste in the blood and excessive electrolytes to move through the dialysate. Through the blood dialysis, albumin and urea can be mixed into the dialyzer, through artificial way out of the body, so that the body reached a balanced state.

The human body can not be reached through organ metabolism of the body's state of equilibrium is dialysis, once the kidney is damaged, the body's endocrine disorders will, will the use of dialysis until renal insufficiency, dialysis is a very direct way to get rid of the pain of kidney patients, can delay life. However, in so many advantages, it often brings unavoidable harm to the human body:

1, kidney dialysis can save people, but can not cure. Dialysis can promptly and rapidly detoxify the toxins in the body. The complications after dialysis can be serious and serious.

2, long-term kidney dialysis will produce dependence. Is an auxiliary tool for dialysis treatment of the kidney, just as soon as possible to relieve pain and can not eradicate, and for the long term dialysis, the body will produce dependence, a long time will produce side effects on the human body.

3, kidney dialysis will make the kidneys gradually loss. If the patient relies solely on dialysis for a long time, the only function of the kidney will atrophy and be scrapped for a long time, and no fertility will be available after dialysis.

4, kidney dialysis delay illness, missed treatment opportunity. If after dialysis, the kidneys will slowly begin to cease to function, and after a long period of time they will completely lose their function, and at that time there will be no cure or repair.

Through the above introduction, I believe that those who are prepared to undergo renal dialysis have been initially aware of the shortcomings of renal dialysis. In fact, everything is beneficial and harmful, but it depends on which is more than that. If you want to dialysis, please pay attention to what harm dialysis, advance understanding of dialysis in the end is not suitable for you.

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