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In divorce? How does uremia treat?

2017-06-17 16:48

Uremia patients because no children, the other party filed for divorce, we agreed to divorce, he promised to pay the treatment of life.

Marriage is defined as mutual commitment between husband and wife, and voluntary negotiation between the parties involved in the divorce. For uremia patients, need timely symptomatic treatment, control the disease. Maintaining good state is the basis of disease treatment.

What is uremia? Chronic renal failure (CRF) is a clinical syndrome consisting of a series of symptoms and metabolic disorder, which is caused by various renal diseases, which leads to progressive irreversible deterioration of renal function, and even to the loss of function. The end stage of chronic renal failure is commonly referred to as uremia. Uremia is not an independent disease, but a common clinical syndrome of various advanced renal diseases. It is a syndrome composed of a series of clinical manifestations at the end stage of chronic renal failure.

How does uremia treat?

[methods of treatment] hemodialysis

It can partly replace renal function, and is one of the widely used methods of uremia treatment.

Dialysate will be on both sides of the patient's blood and dialysate while introducing the dialyzer membrane through a semipermeable membrane, the removal of metabolic waste in blood, correct electrolyte and acid-base imbalance, and remove the body of excess water, so as to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

[methods of treatment two] peritoneal dialysis

The human body's peritoneum is used as the dialysis membrane for blood purification, and dialysis solution is introduced into the patient's abdominal cavity. The toxins and excess water in the blood pass through the peritoneum into the peritoneal dialysis solution, and then excreted. Regular or continuous replacement of dialysate in the abdominal cavity, to achieve the purpose of blood purification.

[treatment method three] kidney transplantation

Kidney transplantation is the best treatment for uremia at present. It is the operation of implanting the kidney of other patients into uremia patients. The transplanted kidney can completely replace renal function, and is the best treatment and the lowest cost for uremia treatment.

[methods of treatment four]

Complex energy renal disease hospital through the comprehensive energy, local renal zone iontophoresis therapy directly to the lesion, in combination with the patient's condition, physique, to develop detailed life, diet, work and rest guidance. Let the body get conditioning and improve the immunity of the patients, local renal pathological damage repair to improve so as to realize the complex human body, can cure kidney pathological damage for the step concept, do pathology improved renal function and repair pathological stage ball better clinical stage to stage a ball. The patient can recover steadily and achieve the effect of clinical treatment.

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