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Seven nursing methods of lupus nephritis

2017-08-28 16:06

Lupus nephritis is a serious threat to the health of patients with physical and mental diseases, and also to the patient's life and work have a great impact, patients should be timely detection and timely treatment, and at the same time, nursing of lupus nephritis is also very important, we must be strict, so as to avoid unnecessary damage.

Psychological care: disease or taking hormone can cause the body, face get change, loss of fertility and some functions can loos if the condition is more serious, make patient depressed, thought burden, lose confidence in life, and refuse treatment. The family should talk to the patient more, increase confidence in the treatment, and expain to patients that the drug response is reversible.

Diet nursing: should be high calorie, high vitamin, low salt diet, in addition to renal dysfunction can give a high protein diet, there are conditions for long-term use of milk, especially colostrum containing large antibodies in colostrum, can increase the body immunity.

Daily care: outdoor activities face can be coated with chloroquine cream, wear long sleeved pants, wearing a wide brimmed hat, reducing sun exposure, so as to avoid the aggravation of skin lesions. Curtains should be in the room. For oral care, rinse with 4% soda water to prevent mold infection. Oral mildew has been infected with palatable nystatin or gargling with a clotrimazole solution. To the fingers, toes, nose, earlobe and other parts of small arteritis with Raynaud phenomenon, should pay attention to keep warm, so as to avoid limb frostbite and necrosis.

Medication care: lupus nephritis treatment specialist should guide patients to correct use of glucocorticoids. After the disease control, can take daily or every other day 7:00 to 8:00 take medicine, in order to reduce the drug to the adrenal cortex inhibitory effect, and take the method of reducing dosage.

To prevent colds and infections: in case of infection, antibiotics should be administered in a timely manner. Lupus nephritis patients at home care, should always prevent colds, pay attention to keep the cold warm; if after the cold, according to the doctor's advice, take kidney toxicity small cold medicine.

Rehabilitation exercise nursing: lupus nephritis patients should have enough sleep, to alleviate fatigue, and can properly participate in various activities, housework and rich recreational activities.

In patients with lupus nephritis, remission episodes alternate: if symptoms recur,need accept treatment early. Overwork, infection and birth are often the causes of recurrence, and should pay attention to avoid them. Women of child-bearing age should be treated with contraception and those with multiple organ injuries should be terminated. The organ damage is not obvious, the condition has been static for a long time, and there is an urgent desire to procreate in the family. Under the guidance of the doctor, there is a precedent for safe delivery and maternal and child safety, but it must be carried out under strict medical supervision.

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