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Controlling blood pressure is critical to the treatment of n

2017-09-26 16:46

The control of blood pressure is critical to the treatment of nephritis. Because blood pressure has a direct impact on nephritis, and sometimes even affects people's normal life, so the adjustment of blood pressure is very important for the treatment of patients.

Controlling blood pressure is critical to the treatment of nephritis

Special emphasis is placed on the individualization of treatment. In particular, we should pay attention to the timely intervention treatment of the complications of heart, kidney and nervous system. After taking into full consideration the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment, we should determine the short-term and long-term treatment plan, and seriously evaluate the risk and effectiveness of the treatment.

Acute phase, severe emphasize rest, strengthen nutrition to avoid the sun quiescent gradual recovery of immunosuppressive agents during the period of school activities as far as possible not to public places to reduce the chances of infection. If the infection should be treated actively, to avoid the use of commonly used drug induced lupus and renal damage; local lesions without secondary infection with prednisone ointment.

Absolutely quiet. Stay in bed with a salt free, low protein diet. Maintain and adjust the balance of water and electrolyte, and correct metabolic acidosis. In the early stage of oliguria, diuretics and vasodilators may be considered, such as dopamine, phentolamine, etc. patients with hypertension should control blood pressure.

According to the etiology and pathogenesis of acute nephritis, glucocorticoid and immunosuppressant is suitable. More and more reports show that the combination of hormone and immunosuppressive agents, such as cyclophosphamide and butyric acid mustard, can improve the renal function in some patients and improve the pathological changes in a small number of patients.

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