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Health care during convalescence in patients with chronic ne

2017-09-27 17:07

Nephritis is a group of various forms of the disease, sometimes after treatment will cause further deterioration of illness aggravating, mainly because some after the treatment of nephritis patients not timely formal care. In fact, during the treatment of nephritis, nephritis patients should strengthen the prevention and treatment of nephritis, do a good job of self-care, and actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, otherwise it will aggravate the nephritis patients.

Health care during convalescence in patients with chronic nephritis

Those who control the burden on the kidneys often have high blood pressure, high blood pressure is a factor and increase the burden on the kidneys, renal function and blood pressure should be measured periodically, found elevated blood pressure, timely medication, and perseverance, blood pressure in the normal range of control.

Diet therapy is important for patients with chronic nephritis, because overeating increases kidney burden and long-term high protein diet promotes glomerular sclerosis, thus limiting protein intake. So how much protein should I eat every day? It should not be generalized. It should be arranged according to the extent of the damage to the renal function. If the kidney function is normal, the protein in the diet should not be strictly restricted, but it should not be overeating, eating 40-60 grams of protein per day is not equal to the actual weight of the food, but the protein contained in the food. If renal dysfunction occurs, more protein should be strictly restricted.

Nephritis patients suffering from respiratory infection or gastroenteritis, urine protein or hematuria are often exacerbated, and sometimes also lead to decline in renal function, so we should pay attention to prevention. People who are prone to respiratory infections, for example. After eating, use water to rinse the mouth, especially the pharynx. Avoid hiding food particles, increasing the chance of bacterial infection. If often diarrhea, should find the reasons, usually avoid eating cold food and food may cause intestinal allergy.

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