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The harm of uremia dialysis treatment

2017-10-12 15:29

Dialysis is through small molecules through the semipermeable membrane to water diffusion principle, a separation and purification technology to separate small molecules and biological macromolecules. Dialysis therapy is to make the body composition of discharge treatment in body through a semipermeable membrane, generally can be divided into two kinds of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

The harm of uremia dialysis treatment

Patients who undergo dialysis for a long time rely on it. Patients need to understand an auxiliary tool for treatment of kidney dialysis only, can relieve the pain of the disease but not the root, over time will produce side effects on the human body.

Dialysis results in progressive loss of kidneys. If the patient relies on dialysis for a long time, the only function of the kidney will be lost for long periods of time, and there will be no more fertility after dialysis.

Dialysis also delays the patient's condition and misses the best time for treatment. Because after dialysis, the kidney will no longer function, and in the long run will completely lose its original function, and then there will be no cure or repair. Dialysis can only alleviate the cause of kidney disease, and can not treat kidney disease, so, want to reduce the harm of dialysis, patients should be proactive treatment.

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