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Must nephritis patients stay in bed?

2017-10-23 17:14

After getting kidney disease, rest is a very important protective measure. The way of rest and duration is a matter of great concern to every kidney patient. Are nephritis patients all in bed rest in the course of the disease? it should be as follows:

Must nephritis patients stay in bed?

The severity of edema: Renal edema is generally divided into three cases, mild edema, moderate edema and severe edema. Such as edema is limited to the eye or ankle is mild; edema to the lower limb to moderate; edema spread to the body or even chest, ascites, then severe. Moderate edema should be bed rest.

Whether have symptoms of palpitation, shortness of breath, cough: If these symptoms, means the lungs have blood stasis, infection or heart failure and other serious cases exist, then not only bed rest, but also timely hospitalization, so as to continue to deteriorate the condition.

Whether have symptoms of headache, dizziness, vomiting : If these symptoms suggest that there may be high blood pressure, blood pressure should be measured in time, such as blood pressure is indeed high, you should stay in bed. Such as rapid increase in blood pressure, brain edema may occur, so that headache, vomiting further intensified, there will be convulsions or convulsions, this situation should be hospitalized.

TThere is no urine volume reduction or gross hematuria: if the amount of urine is significantly reduced, the daily urine volume is about 500 ml, or appear gross hematuria, such as washing water samples, often means that the illness is serious, should stay in bed.

Whether the other test abnormalities: such as blood urea nitrogen, creatine, creatinine was significantly increased creatinine clearance was significantly reduced, indicating that renal dysfunction, should also be bed rest.

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