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Got polycystic kidney can live how long

2017-01-24 17:23

How long can you have a polycystic kidney? Simple words from the figure, it can be 5 years can also be 10 years, you can also be a year of 20. The specific answer is no, mainly to see when the treatment of late treatment options and treatment. Polycystic kidney disease is a hereditary disease in patients with polycystic kidney disease. The genetic risk of the disease is 50%, and often accompanied by polycystic liver disease and polycystic disease, but generally no functional abnormalities.
First, the cyst exists for a long time, the most common outcome of disease development:
1 cyst rupture, but the presence of cyst will aggravate the ischemia and hypoxia of the kidney, because kidney compensatory function is very powerful, the symptoms can be temporarily, but once the abnormal progress very quickly, abnormal renal function.
2 cyst enlargement, cystic wall thinning, affected by external mechanical impacts or other factors are not easy to break into the abdominal cavity caused by acute abdomen.
Two, the prognosis of polycystic kidney disease:
The normal rate of renal function in patients with polycystic kidney disease was 71% at the age of 58%, at the age of 58, at the age of 70 at the age of 23% at the age of 50 years. Poor prognosis, early onset of poor prognosis. Other controlled factors affecting the prognosis of hypertension, pregnancy, secondary urinary tract infection frequency of urinary tract infection. Without entering into dialysis and renal transplantation in the patients after the onset of symptoms, especially with renal dysfunction, can only survive for 10 years, about every 3 years, serum creatinine increased 1 times, the creatinine clearance rate decreased by half, but if the serum creatinine increased and no never, stones, infections and serious high the blood pressure, can survive for 30~40 years. The life expectancy of patients with polycystic kidney disease after dialysis or kidney transplantation is similar to that of other dialysis and kidney transplant patients.
Therefore, if the polycystic kidney in order to achieve a good prognosis, then remove the choice of effective treatment, but also the need for early treatment. Early detection of cysts, early treatment of polycystic kidney.

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