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30 minute walk can reduce heart disease risk in patients with kidney disease

2017-11-16 15:13

Moderate exercise can effectively reduce the risk of heart disease and infection in patients with kidney disease, according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American College of nephrology. Dr. Viana of Loughborough University and Dr. Alice Smith of University of Leicester jointly designed a study to explore the effects of exercise on immune and inflammatory parameters in patients with chronic kidney disease.

30 minute walk can reduce heart disease risk in patients with kidney disease

In 15 cases of acute exercise studies, walking for 30 minutes can increase the response of human immune cells, and the challenge of bacteria after exercise is called neutrophils. It also forms a systemic anti-inflammatory environment in the body. In a regular exercise study, six months of regular walking compared with 20 patients who did not increase the level of routine activity at the same time, 20 patients showed decreased numbers of immune cell activation and systemic inflammation.

Therefore, exercise has anti-inflammatory effects on patients with kidney disease, which may reduce their high risk of heart disease in this way. Dr. Viana said: "our research also found that there is no evidence that this level of exercise may damage the immune system in patients with kidney disease."

In patients with chronic kidney disease, complications caused by heart disease and infection are the main causes of death. Now it is generally believed that the immune system dysfunction is involved in these two pathological processes. In particular, impaired immune function predisposes to infection, while persistent immune activation leads to chronic inflammation, which can damage blood vessels and internal organs, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease. The advantage of physical exercise is that it can exert anti-inflammatory effect and enhance immunity, but the influence on kidney disease is largely unknown.


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