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What are the health benefits of walking and exercising?

2018-03-11 18:45

Human health needs exercise, and all vitality is reflected in exercise. So for our health and for the vitality of our life, let us do exercise together. What are the health benefits of walking and exercising? 

Increase memory. As you get older, your memory recedes. Walking increases your memory. Remember to walk every morning and your memory gets stronger and stronger.

Open meridian. Sitting in the office for a long time, pay no attention to the body, the meridian stiff, the whole body will have small pimples, stick to walk, keloid is much less.

Dredging pulse. The meridian is impassable, pulse is naturally stiff, the whole body is very tense, very stiff, every afternoon walk half an hour, the whole body relaxed.

Strengthen the heart function. Do not like to exercise, so the heart is not good, walking can enhance the heart function, make the heart slow and strong. Open the blood vessels. Medical say, walking can increase the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce the possibility of blood vessel rupture, can also enhance the elasticity of the whole body.

Increase muscle strength. Life is irregular, so the whole body muscles are stiff and inelastic, lack of strength, muscle strength after walking, strong legs, feet, muscles, and joints are flexible.

Unobstructed blood circulation. Human blood is not smooth because meridians and veins are impassable, people are easily ill, walking can open the meridians, enhance human blood circulation and metabolism.

Reducing diseases of the five viscera. The organs and organs of the five viscera need to move. If they do not exercise, they naturally get sick. Therefore, walking can enhance the secretory function of the digestive gland, promote the regular peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, increase appetite, and enhance the function of elasticity of the five viscera and the six entrails. Many diseases are cured naturally.

Happy spirit. Walking regularly will eliminate ischemic symptoms of the heart or lower blood pressure. Make the human body eliminate fatigue, happy spirit, ease palpitations. People are unhappy and bloody related, walking can reduce blood sugar, blood lipid; eliminate blood stasis, Blood such as blood garbage, blood without garbage, qi and blood smooth, people will be happy.

Body shape is beautiful. Beauty is directly related to blood. There is no garbage in human blood. People must be beautiful and beautiful. If there is much garbage in blood, people are naturally not beautiful. Therefore, walking can rule out garbage in the body and garbage in blood. To reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat and maintain the body beauty of human body. To reduce myocardial infarction. Myocardial infarction is mainly caused by blood clots blocking blood vessels. Walking can reduce the formation of blood clots and reduce the possibility of myocardial infarction.

The brain is clear. Stay in front of the computer, stay at home reading, writing articles, the brain will not be clear, walk, accept outdoor fresh air, brain thinking activities become clear, flexible, significantly eliminate brain fatigue, Improved learning and practice.

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