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Cure kidney disease, choose Chinese medicine or choose weste

2018-03-11 18:46

Having got kidney disease, patients are always unable to get effective treatment, and their condition is repeated. It is particularly important to choose what treatment. At present, the treatment for kidney disease is mainly from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Cure kidney disease Chinese medicine or western medicine is good? 

Cure kidney disease, choose Chinese medicine or choose western medicine?

Western medicine is an inquiry science, emphasizing the use of data to speak, especially the development of microscience and technology, the understanding of the human body has been considerable depth, so the treatment of Western medicine takes cells as the basic object. Western medicine believes that. There are two main causes of kidney damage: one is inflammation caused by immune complex deposition, the other is glomerular capillary rupture caused by hypertension. Therefore, the focal point of western medicine in treating nephropathy is anti-inflammatory and hypotensive.

Western medicine's advantages: highly purified western medicine is very effective in anti-inflammatory and hypotensive aspects, and all kinds of testing methods also reduce the probability of misdiagnosis to the lowest; Western medicine's disadvantage: Western medicine can only alleviate symptoms, can not eliminate the cause of disease, and western medicine has more side effects. There is a higher practical threshold.

Chinese medicine is empirical medicine, mainly based on personal experience. Because it was born out of the simple philosophy of ancient times, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is based on Yin and Yang, the five behaviors, and the treatment is based on the human body itself. Chinese medicine believes that. The main reason of kidney damage is the imbalance of yin and yang five elements, the concrete reason is "wind, cold, summer, wet, dryness, fire" and so on "six harlot" invades the human body. Therefore, the traditional Chinese medicine treatment emphasis is to regulate the balance, dispel "six harlot".

The advantages of Chinese medicine: Chinese medicine pays attention to restoring the human body's own function, so as to eliminate diseases and restore health, it is not antagonistic treatment; the disadvantage of traditional Chinese medicine is that Chinese medicine relies heavily on personal experience and does not have clear and quantifiable indicators of passage. Diagnosis and treatment vary widely.

In fact, the current treatment of nephropathy is already part of the treatment of traditional Chinese and western medicine. In the treatment of nephropathy, Western medicine is responsible for anti-inflammation, Chinese medicine is responsible for conditioning; Western medicine is responsible for eliminating clinical symptoms; Chinese medicine is responsible for restoring the body's function. The better the cooperation between the two is, Treatment will be better. Western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine, can not prevent the progression of nephropathy.

Those patients with chronic nephropathy, without exception, rely too much on Western medicine or Chinese medicine and reject Western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine for no reason. We can foresee that if there is a breakthrough in the treatment of kidney disease in the future, Must be the integration of Chinese and Western medicine to reach a new level.

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