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What problems should patients with nephritis pay attention t

2018-04-04 20:07

Pay attention to supplement high-quality protein and multivitamins, and eat more foods containing high fat and high cholesterol.

Lupus nephritis patients have long-term lost protein from the urine, should be timely supplementation. Higher quality protein sources include milk , eggs , lean meat , fish , etc . Vitamins, especially B vitamins and vitamin C, are good for preventing and treating certain symptoms of lupus nephritis.

What problems should patients with nephritis pay attention to?

Pay attention not to eat lamb, dog meat, horse meat, venison, donkey meat.

This kind of meat and warm food will not only aggravate the internal heat symptoms of lupus nephritis patients, but also find that some patients who eat this kind of meat become worse, which results in adverse consequences.

Pay attention to care and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.

Chinese medicine believes that the incidence of lupus erythematosus nephritis is related to exogenous evils, diet, and injuries. Melancholy, sadness, moodiness, and poor mood can all turn a fire into a fire, and fire evil can cause internal organs to hurt the internal organs and induce and aggravate the disease. Therefore, maintaining emotional and open-mindedness, having a diet, daily living, and coordination of the functions of the human organs and organs, Qi and blood harmony, will be beneficial to the recovery of the disease.

Pay attention to preventing colds and actively prevent various infections.

Colds and infections such as acute tonsillitis, lung infections, and intestinal infections are prone to lupus erythematosus nephritis,and aggravate the disease.

Pay attention to quit smoking and drinking.

Nicotine and other harmful components in cigarettes can stimulate blood vessel walls and increase vascular inflammation, and should be quit. Alcoholic mild, will aggravate the lupus nephritis patients with symptoms of heat,not suitable drinking.

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