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The timing of treatment determines the treatment effect of k

2018-06-05 18:00

Why is the same urinary protein 3+, others quickly turn negative, you are permanently? The key is the timing of treatment.

The timing of treatment determines the treatment effect of kidney disease

What are the root causes of kidney disease? Doctors have lamented that 90% of kidney disease can achieve clinical cure if the patient can come early, and basically will not relapse. If it can be discovered and treated early, it can be easily cured except in rare cases. Unfortunately, few patients are able to detect kidney disease early, so the lucky few who get it are a small fraction.

Why is the timing of kidney disease treatment so important? Because kidney disease is not same as a cold, it is very difficult for the body alone to solve it completely. The early stages of kidney disease are so hidden because of the powerful compensatory effects of the kidneys. Even though the kidney unit continuously loses its function, the remaining kidney units quickly make up for the normal operation of the kidney function. In this way, it is harmful to the patient. In particular, when many patients find kidney disease, the blood creatinine has increased, which means that more than 70% of the kidney units have been destroyed, and they have been kept in the dark.

What should patients do? First of all, we must regularly check up, even if only check the urine routine, can also find early kidney disease. Once found, treat immediately. Secondly, to develop a healthy living and eating habits and control their emotions can greatly reduce the damage to the nephron. Finally, active treatment.

In fact, the early active treatment of nephropathy, although it can not be cured completely, lifelong, but can delay the progress of the disease, so that the future life is less affected by kidney disease.

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