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Treatment of chronic nephritis with herbal home remedies

2017-01-16 13:48

Treatment of chronic nephritis with herbal home remedies:Pearl grass date

Recipe: the Pearl grass (grass) 30 g, date 6.

Usage and dosage: 1 beginning of the medicines decoction hollow take, double decoctions as tea, daily 1 agent, long-term use or increase the dose.

Taboo: Pearl grass do not put in the Sun to avoid leaf and Berry abscission influence.

Case verification: the treatment of 16 cases of patients with chronic pyelonephritis, have been cured. 4 cases were only taking 12 doses, 1 80 doses of medication, medication 15~20 agent. 2 have been observed in 10 and 5 years respectively, the rest to follow 2-4, there were no relapses.

Leonurus lobelia

Recipe: the motherwort, lobelia 30 grams each, Radix rehmanniae Preparata 12~30 g, date, Dan 6 grams each, Poria, alisma orientalis, rhizoma discoreae 12 grams each.

Usage and dosage: daily 1 agent, water, 2 suits.

Added reduction: If urine yellow who, added Mao root 30 grams; if low back pain who, added chuan continued broken 15 grams, eucommia ulmoides: cattle knee the 12 grams; if tongue yellow greasy, pulse sliding number, urine less yellow, hot and humid heavy who, jiahuangbai 10 grams, lion grass 30 grams; if kidney Yang who, added attached tablets 10 grams; if spleen virtual food less will pond who, added euryale 12~30 grams, Lotus 12 grams; if Qi who, added Astragalus 12~30 grams, dangshen 12 grams.

Case verification: the treatment of 17 cases have been cured. Taking at least 24 doses of up to 392, an average of 124. Observation of minimum six months, most people during the 8 years, there was no recurrence.


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