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Renal cyst puncture sclerosis how to treat?

2017-01-24 17:48

Disinfection and local anesthesia on patients after ultrasonic monitoring in Du Wo puncture, when you see the tip into the central cavity after the needle core is drawn out, see the cystic fluid in most cases is immediately connected to eat out, drainage and decompression, and accurately record the extraction quantity. For the huge cyst or cystic infection should be graded and exhaust sclerotherapy, or first sac drainage and irrigation, combined with antibiotics, the sac infection control (SAC not closed) and sclerotherapy. The use of anhydrous alcohol as a hardening agent, the amount of injection for the amount of 30%, after the injection of the capsule cavity to retain the extraction of 5 ~ 10 min, so repeated for 2 ~ 3 times; puncture can be as far as possible to drain the fluid.
Simple renal cyst has nothing to do with the genetic, a rare disease in children, with age, the incidence rate of linear growth, Bai Xiuying believes that the kidney cyst ultrasound detection rate of the peak at the age of 60, our age is early ultrasound detection and ultrasonic equipment can be related to the development and improvement of technology. Renal cyst is a benign disease, larger cysts due to the renal capsule is pulled to cause renal or intermittent abdominal pain, renal pain, occult blood, fever, leukocytosis can cyst infection; some patients due to cyst compression of the adjacent blood vessels, causing segmental renal ischemia, increased renal involvement renin, resulting in hypertensive nephropathy through open surgery, trauma, complications, high cost. With the development and popularization of chantui crucible by Limulus, exuvium Limulus Guo guided ethanol eat irrigation treatment, kidney cyst has been widely accepted for clinicians and patients have been reported at home and abroad.
How renal cyst puncture in the treatment of Western medicine? In addition to surgery in the treatment of renal cysts, renal cysts treated by conservative treatment and traditional Chinese medicine conservative treatment, although not as traditional Chinese medicine can quickly eliminate the effects on the kidney cyst, but can effectively inhibit the growth of cysts, deterioration of disease control, not relapse! But with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, to advise patients to active treatment in 3cm cyst!

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