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Patients with proteinuria hematuria edema PRO should go to which hospital treatment to better prevention of deterioration

2017-01-24 17:15

Patient questions: Hello, kidney disease expert. Recent body showed abnormal phenomenon. I feel suffered from PRO, proteinuria, hematuria, edema. I would like to ask what I need to go to the hospital for treatment, how to effectively prevent and cure the current deterioration of the disease?
Kidney disease experts answer: Mr. Liu, Hello! You have submitted the medical records. According to the information provided by you, is considered a pathogenetic principle is kidney injury, renal cells damage, structural and functional changes resulting in a series of symptoms, these abnormalities is only the manifestation disease damage principle. The cure can not only symptomatic treatment, reduced protein, occult blood, eliminate edema etc.. In order to fundamentally prevent kidney disease by renal inherent principle of damage, repair cell damage and repair, as long as the blocking treatment in place, the index will naturally be reduced, nature will control, the condition will get to control, achieve remedial purpose. Is the so-called "treating disease before treatment, rehabilitation of disease from extinction" is the truth. No matter where the treatment, should be based on the principle of the kidney for the treatment of injury to the disease, the disease will have a turn for the better hope. The proposal is regular system cure, if have doubt or specific remedial plan, contact online nephrosis expert to help you to explain.

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