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How can I let the protein urine PRO down?

2017-01-24 17:51

This question has been bothering people, in order to let PRO down very proteinuria patients about their diet to a certain extent to the control, but the urine protein PRO is still very high, so, how to make the urine protein PRO will be reduced to this? Let us ask my website under the hospital nephropathy kidney specialist to explain it!
How can I let the protein PRO drop it? Then look at a few points to explain it!
Tubular proteinuria PRO is caused by dysfunction of renal tubular reabsorption protein in the pathogenesis of the disease, and is more common in tubular and interstitial diseases. PRO is due to the onset of the disease in the state, some of the small molecular proteins in the plasma increased significantly, and more than the ability of the renal tubule reabsorption into the urine, the formation of proteinuria PRO.
Plant protein, because it contains a large number of purine bases, can increase the burden of kidney intermediate metabolism, it should be less. One large beans and soy products, although the high protein content, for the above reasons, patients with proteinuria PRO should also be avoided. Own copy, I hope to help you. This method is quite effective.
The production of PRO protein in the urine is because the damage your kidney cells, glomerular filtration function damage, reduce the reabsorption of renal tubules, renal cells injury by reducing the leakage of protein blocking ability, urinary protein production of PRO, so the focus of your healing is to repair the damaged kidney cells that blocked the development of renal fibrosis, as long as the repair in place of proteinuria of PRO naturally reduce transplant disappear
Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is a specific blood purification system, is the most important means of treatment of immune renal disease. Not only can effectively remove the large, medium and small molecules in the blood poison, but also remove the patient caused by endogenous pathogenic factors, as well as various types of immune complexes, for themselves and other treatment to create a relaxed environment for cleaning and repair.
The successful application of this technology has brought four major effects: the immune complex is cleared to make the patient's renal function has been improved; the clean blood internal environment can make the repair of damage to cells deserve substances and conditions; the clean blood internal environment that damaged DNA cells to replicate, protein synthesis can be achieved in the clean environment; the function of cell damage repair by natural become a reality.
How can let PRO down with proteinuria, through the above my website under the kidney specialist hospital nephropathy further explanation you should have know! What if there is not understand or want to know please consult our online doctor!
Do you know about the cause of high urea nitrogen? I hope it can help you and your family. Finally wish the majority of patients with kidney disease can be treated as soon as possible, to regain the joy of life. If you want to know more about the relevant knowledge to explain, the details can click on the online expert consultation of kidney disease, kidney disease experts will give you a detailed explanation.

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