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How is PRO of albuminuria positive treatment?

2017-01-24 17:53

The urine protein positive PRO, whether it is PRO+, + +, + + proteinuria patients need positive attention. In fact, as long as it is showed PRO positive urine protein, the exclusion of other physiological reasons, most of the time or to consider the damage happened on kidney, urine protein positive PRO is a distress signal the body to send us as soon as possible, and active intervention can prevent kidney damage further aggravated. My website under the nephrotic hospital adopts "the natural immune system balance therapy of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of nephrotic immune balance according to previous remedial experience, combined with the theory of meridian theory, to create a comprehensive treatment method to cure nephropathy and stimulate the body upright, detoxification meridians, Qi and blood flow, greatly mobilized the ability to repair itself the body's metabolism, correct the imbalance, can cure all kinds of kidney disease, occurrence and progress of conditioning and less acute and chronic complications, become a key part of the treatment of nephropathy.

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