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24 hours of albuminuria PRO high? What's wrong? Can not be determined by a - hour urine protein PRO

2017-01-24 17:53

In normal subjects, the PRO range of urine protein was less than 150mg/24 hours in 24 hours. If the subject of the 24 hour urinary protein PRO quantitative indicators higher than the normal reference range, it can be considered that the presence of impaired renal function, indicating that the patient has had a kidney disease.
Although the 24 hour urinary protein quantitative PRO is a reliable index to judge whether the occurrence of nephropathy, however, from a single 24 hour urinary protein quantitative determination PRO abnormal results happened among the patients with nephropathy, which is not accurate. In the clinical diagnosis of the occurrence of kidney disease, usually, the need for repeated routine urine examination. Through regular examination, the patient's urine test results show that there are more than three times and 24 hour urinary protein quantitative indexes for PRO were higher than the normal reference range, in order to determine the basic patient did occur kidney disease. To collect urine samples of 24 hours of proteinuria PRO.
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