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What are the drawbacks of dialysis?

2017-01-24 17:55
Although the main treatment of uremia in the treatment of high performance uremic dialysis treatment, but some people are not very aware of the drawbacks of hemodialysis. Let us explain the problems of hemodialysis and dialysis.
Hemodialysis (referred to as HD) is also called artificial kidney, also called kidney dialysis or hemodialysis. It is a kind of blood purification technology. In the world, almost all of the patients with uremia and creatinine are dependent on dialysis to sustain life. Hemodialysis has a certain significance to reduce the patient's performance and prolong the survival period. Hemodialysis is a membrane according to the balance principle, through a patient's blood will have many holes in the film (or pipe, the medical term, these holes can allow a semipermeable membrane) than that of small molecules through molecular, and the diameter is larger than membrane pores are blocked and left, and the semipermeable membrane dialysis fluid contact with certain chemical constituents. Dialysis, blood flow through a small gap with a semi permeable membrane composition within the flow of dialysate in the outside, particles of red and white blood cells and protein and other non method through the semi permeable membrane pores; and water, electrolyte and blood metabolites, such as urea, inosine, guanidine and other small substances through a semipermeable membrane diffusion into the dialysate; and dialysis fluid substances such as bicarbonate and acetate can diffuse into the blood, to remove harmful substances, substances required to supply the body.
What are the drawbacks of dialysis?
Many of the world's dialysis hospital, almost all dialysis as a technical means, and thus prolong the patient survival, has argued that the long time of dialysis, equal to the patient has a "machine" kidney, the original kidney gradually atrophy and disuse. There is no benefit to the good of the blood:
Dialysis disadvantages, it increases the difficulty and cost of treatment.
Dialysis abuse two, this time systemic organ injury is obvious, and some of the complex side effects.
Dialysis defects three, dialysis complications and serious.
The disadvantages of dialysis four, poor quality of life after dialysis, short survival time. And the original kidney function exhausted, has not been able to choose their own conditions for their own dialysis methods.
Dialysis disadvantages five, end dialysis increased the cost of treatment.
With the development and progress of medicine, there are a lot of people aware of the drawbacks of dialysis, resulting in many people do not want to accept dialysis, instead of dialysis treatment program. My website under the nephrotic hospital adopts "the natural immune system balance therapy combining Chinese and Western treatment of immune balance system is a Sino US group 100 nephropathy expert team to play all advantages, joint research, after painstaking investigation and clinical practice of 20 years, a little bit of the creation of a complete set of unique kidney disease the system can fully heal, recovery of renal function. If you need to communicate in detail, you can click on the online consultation with experts on kidney disease.

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