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What are the diagnostic criteria for IgA nephropathy?

2017-01-24 17:11

Each disease will bring some impact, but the disease is not the same as the impact is not the same. Because in life, people have a lot of criteria for judging the disease, but because the disease is not the same diagnostic criteria are not the same. In order to allow the patient to get faster treatment, but also a more accurate understanding of
For the diagnosis of IgA nephropathy, the following is what I have to say about the kidney disease experts at the kidney hospital affiliated to my website.
IgA nephropathy, also known as Berger's disease, refers to the glomerular mesangial area with IgA or IgA deposition, with or without other immunoglobulin in the glomerular mesangial area deposition of primary glomerulopathy. The symptoms are: recurrent macroscopic or microscopic occult blood occult blood, may be associated with different degrees of proteinuria PRO, some patients showed severe blood pressure
Patients with renal insufficiency.
The diagnostic criteria for IgA nephropathy, as explained in the following:
First, according to the secondary IgA deposition of glomerular:
1. In patients with chronic alcoholic cirrhosis, renal cells in patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis in 50%-90% can be shown to have IgA as a deposit, but only a very small proportion of patients have renal involvement. The main basis for the identification of IgA nephropathy is the presence of cirrhosis.
2 allergic purpura, lupus nephritis, kidney disease principle and the IgA principle and the immune pathogenesis of nephropathy lupus nephritis of Henoch Schonlein purpura, but the patients often have typical renal manifestations, such as skin erythema, joint pain, abdominal pain and melena, so these performance can assist with IgA phase identification. Diagnostic criteria for IgA nephropathy
Two, according to thin basement membrane nephropathy:
Often persistent microscopic occult blood, often have a family history of positive occult blood, kidney disease immune principle under electron microscope showed IgA negative, diffuse thinning of glomerular basement membrane. Usually not difficult to identify with IgA.
Three, streptococcus infection of renal failure:
It should be differentiated with IgA nephropathy presenting acute kidney in patients before, a long incubation period, autotherapy; and IgA short incubation period, the condition repeatedly, and combined with laboratory tests can help the difference.
The above is the IgA nephropathy what diagnostic criteria, a simple explanation, I believe you will bring some help. My website under the kidney hospital experts remind: nephropathy in the life of the disease outbreak are random, not for one person, some time to a certain disease outbreaks may also trigger a cold.
Disease. However, IgA disease is very easy to distinguish, if you have any questions you can call at any time online expert!

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