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What are the common complications of nephrotic syndrome?

2017-04-28 15:28
  If there is no systemic treatment of nephrotic syndrome, what will happen to many patients do not attach importance to their own disease, and even that the nephrotic syndrome is not serious. On the contrary, nephrotic syndrome itself is very difficult to treat, a serious impact on the patient's life and work, more abhorrent is due to various reasons, some serious complications incidence of patients with nephrotic syndrome, more troubled by the majority of patients with nephrotic syndrome. What are the complications of nephrotic syndrome, kidney specialist Suo Yufen below to explain.
Nephrotic syndrome
  1 infection: a common disease in nephrotic syndrome. Mainly due to protein loss, malnutrition, immune dysfunction and the use of glucocorticoids. The common sites of infection were respiratory tract, urinary tract and skin. Infection is still the main cause of the recurrence and poor curative effect of nephrotic syndrome.
  2 acute renal failure: a small number of patients with acute renal failure, but also the most serious complications of primary nephrotic syndrome. The mechanism may be due to a high degree of renal interstitial edema of the renal tubules, as well as a large number of protein tubular obstruction caused by renal tubules.
  3 adrenal phenomenon: the obvious symptoms are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, hypotension, mainly due to improper use of hormone, then caused by infection or stress, this time to pay strict attention to avoid shock or death.
  4: the electrolyte disorder occurs in patients with low potassium, low sodium and hypocalcemia three low state, which is the phenomenon of death against the low sodium and low blood appear.
  5 protein and fat metabolism disorder: long-term hypoproteinemia can lead to malnutrition in children, growth retardation; immunoglobulin reduction caused by low immunity to infection.
  6: thrombosis due to increased blood viscosity and blood concentration caused by hyperlipidemia; in addition, some protein loss and compensatory liver protein synthesis increase, caused by coagulation, anticoagulation and fibrinolysis imbalance.
  Suo Yufen remind patients with nephrotic syndrome, in the course of treatment of the disease, not only to pay attention to the harm caused by nephrotic syndrome itself, and should be alert to the occurrence of complications.

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