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Can you cure nephritic syndrome?

2017-06-06 09:21

Had nephrotic syndrome can be cured? A lot of nephrotic syndrome has a heart of doubt, nephrotic syndrome can be cured? Nephrotic syndrome in the clinical use of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, modern medicine has made breakthrough progress. Well, can nephrotic syndrome be cured? What are the treatments for nephrotic syndrome? With these questions, let's hear what the experts are saying. Wish the patient recover soon!
Can you cure nephritic syndrome?
Nephrotic syndrome according to the condition of development and time are divided into two kinds of acute and chronic, so the nephrotic syndrome can be cured? Acute nephrotic syndrome etiology syndrome and chronic nephrotic syndrome is different, therefore, at the time of treatment need for symptomatic treatment. Let's hear the experts answer the questions about nephrotic syndrome.
The most typical clinical manifestations of chronic nephrotic syndrome are hypertension and hematuria, edema and proteinuria. So, nephrotic syndrome can be cured? If not antihypertensive, blood pressure is particularly high, there will be high blood pressure encephalopathy, affecting the brain, and consciousness has a problem, this is terrible. Also, because the water can not go out, so the blood volume in the blood vessel will increase, there will be serious circulation congestion. The external water and salt can not be discharged. The acute renal failure and electrolyte are also disordered. One of the most important things in electrolytes is potassium. If potassium does not drain, there is life risk. Therefore, symptomatic treatment should be taken to correct these disorders, and close control should be taken. Do not let it develop, pass through the critical period, and gradually recover.
If there is acute renal failure, potassium high, the treatment should be symptomatic, diuretic, antihypertensive, rest, low salt diet. You have to use potassium. In addition, to prevent potassium intake, these have to be treated at the Shijiazhuang kidney hospital.

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