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What are the causes of recurrence of nephrotic syndrome

2017-03-01 09:36

First, genetic. Studies have shown that recurrence of nephrotic syndrome with white blood cells and the antigenicity of them, some experts think that some patients with HLA disease more simple recurrence, and the antigenic properties by genetic factors, so genetic is an important factor in the formation of recurrence.

Two, infection. Some patient repeated infection is the formation of the special, such as cold and viral infection, and this will make the urine protein of patients with positive, and even showed edema. However, in the cold to improve, some patients will not be able to proteinuria, but there are some patients with proteinuria will not disappear, the need for treatment in order to improve.

Three, a long time to use a lot of drugs. If a patient with nephrotic syndrome long time medication, will cause adrenal cortical atrophy in itself, and after the withdrawal will not form the body secrete hormone, hormone deficiency, it is easy to cause the recurrence of the disease, so patients should minimize the use of drugs for kidney.

Four, medication is not standard. Some patients may own, in better condition, without shortening stage, self reduction may withdrawal, this approach is very simple will cause the recurrence of the disease, but also the formation of hormone treatment is invalid without authorization. So the patient must comply with doctor or medication on time, this is a key to the recurrence of nephrotic syndrome.

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