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What factors will aggravate nephrotic syndrome?

2017-08-02 17:17

In our daily life, nephrotic syndrome patients will be affected by various factors, which will bring great distress to the treatment of the disease. Therefore, we should actively understand what factors will aggravate nephrotic syndrome, so as to advance defense work, to avoid repeated attacks of the patient's condition.

1, in normal life, if the patient does not pay attention to self-care and maintenance, then easily lead to exacerbations. Some patients because life is not measured, excessive fatigue, eating unclean, do not pay attention to change clothes, diarrhea, cold every two or three days and other reasons lead to recurrent disease. Most patients will feel sick, should mend the body, excessive intake of protein in the diet. This can lead to further development of the disease.

2, during the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, if patients do not follow the scientific principles, it will lead to repeated attacks of the disease. Although the drug treatment of nephrotic syndrome has some side effects, it does not cause great harm to the patient. However, some patients over consider the side effects of drugs, the course of treatment is insufficient, they will reduce their own drugs, or even stop the drug. Some patients did not strictly follow the doctor's advice, medication and physical therapy once, not random, more randomness. This can cause nephrotic syndrome.

3, another factor is bad mental state, the general performance of the patients, the disease is easy to bring great psychological pressure to the patients, some patients because of mental disorder is larger, can't keep a good mood, sleep quality is poor, in this case, the patient is easy to aggravate.

Warm tip: nephrotic syndrome patients during treatment must be away from these risk factors, to avoid their own health worse, resulting in adverse consequences.

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