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Causes of Sudden Death in Nephrotic Syndrome

2017-08-12 18:41

Due to suffering from nephrotic syndrome, the patient's urine protein will be a lot of loss, and will affect the formation of antibodies in patients, then the patient's body immunity will decline, if at this time by bacteria or bacteria infection, It may cause peritonitis, or respiratory infections, or cause urinary tract infection, and ultimately can lead to the occurrence of sepsis caused by sudden death of patients with nephrotic syndrome.

Nephrotic syndrome patients are relatively high blood lipids, so it is easy to lead to the occurrence of coronary heart disease, according to clinical reports found that patients with nephrotic syndrome, the risk of coronary heart disease than ordinary people as much as 8 times, so if the suffering Nephrotic syndrome is not timely treatment, may also lead to the occurrence of coronary heart disease, coronary heart disease attack will cause sudden death.

Nephrotic syndrome patients are also prone to thrombosis, especially the incidence of model nephropathy is generally about 30% after the formation of thrombosis patients will be edema, if the patient's activities will lead to less hyperlipidemia, so can induce other Disease and thus cause sudden death in patients.

Acute renal failure is also caused by nephrotic syndrome complications, if not treated after the illness, it will lead to reduced renal glomerular filtration rate, which will lead to the occurrence of acute renal failure, which will cause sudden death The

Nephrotic syndrome sudden death reasons As mentioned above, many of my friends believe that nephrotic syndrome is not so serious, anyway, not terminally ill, I do not know, nephrotic syndrome is not timely treatment will be a lot of trouble, sudden death is the consequences of nephrotic syndrome disease can cause One, therefore, suggested that patients with urine if there is a bubble, low back pain and other symptoms, it should be the first time to the hospital to do a detailed examination and treatment.

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