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What are the common causes of relapse in children with nephrotic syndrome?

2018-04-10 09:01

Nephrotic syndrome is caused by a variety of etiologies , with increased permeability of glomerular basement membrane , manifested as a group of clinical syndromes of proteinuria , hypoproteinaemia , high edema , and hyperlipidemia .

What are the common causes of relapse in children with nephrotic syndrome?

It is the recurrence of the disease that is most annoying to children and parents of nephrotic syndrome. After the parents used the medicines in accordance with the doctor's orders, the children soon increased their urine output and their urine protein turned negative. Parents were also happy to have some vague concerns because the possibility of relapse of nephrotic syndrome was very high, sometimes even unclear. .

Based on years of clinical experience, we have summarized the most common causes of recurrence and preventive measures:

Infection: This is usually the main cause of relapse of nephrotic syndrome. Because children with nephrotic syndrome have low immunity and protein malnutrition, they can easily merge various infections. The most common are respiratory infections, followed by skin and mucous membrane infections, urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, and oral and nasopharyngeal infections,etc. In order to reduce the recurrence of the disease caused by infection, active prevention of infection is the most important.

Parents must take care of children with nephrotic syndrome. Usually should pay attention to personal hygiene, wash their hands before meals, keep the skin clean and dry, timely replacement of underwear, the room should open the window, open the door ventilation, keep the indoor air fresh, keep children clean, in order to reduce the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections, children should avoid crowded public places (such as cinemas, playgrounds, etc.), wear masks when going out, and when the weather changes, attention should be paid to increase and decrease clothing to prevent cold colds; In the cold season, avoid touching patients. In order to prevent cross-infection; should also pay attention to oral hygiene, brush your teeth sooner or later, gargle after eating to prevent the occurrence of dental caries; do not eat unclean diet. If you suspect the infection should seek medical treatment, active treatment.

Irregular treatment: Insufficient drug treatment causes recurrence of the disease. It is recommended that children and parents follow the doctor's regular medication and observe side effects.

Tiredness: The arrangement of work and rest system is unreasonable, resulting in overwork, such as long running, jumping and strenuous sports. In order to reduce the recurrence of illness caused by fatigue, it is recommended that children reasonably arrange their daily routines so that they can work and relax and avoid strenuous exercise. It is possible to take a walk outdoors and the child does not feel tired.

Mental factors: Keep in a good mood and don't put too much pressure on the child.

Diet: High-protein, high-fat diets can lead to recurrent disease. The dietary guidelines for children with nephrotic syndrome are: low-salt, low-fat, and low-protein diets. When the patient has edema or high blood pressure, it is recommended to properly salt, limit water, when the edema subsides, the blood pressure returned to normal, normal drinking water, salt intake should also be close to normal; edible oil recommended selection of vegetable oil, the amount should be appropriate Control; protein-rich foods should also be properly controlled intake, select high-quality protein foods; if allergic to something in the past, it is recommended not to eat.

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