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Incidence of kidney disease

2017-01-24 16:04

The kidney is a comprehensive description of the pathogenesis of the term, the beginning of the study by foreign patients Hricti>
Change of pathogenesis
The main physiological change of the pathogenesis of the kidney is the increased permeability of glomerular filtration membrane to plasma albumin. In clinical proteinuria (PRO = 3.5G / 24h), serum albumin (albumin 3.0g%), hyperlipidemia and different degree of edema as the main feature. It accounts for 70%-90% of glomerular disease in children, accounting for 20%-30%.
The clinical classification of the kidney is pided into primary and secondary according to the procedure.
Primary renal synthesis
Primary renal index caused by primary glomerular disease, nephrotic adults in 2 / 3 and the vast majority of children are the primary pathogenesis, principle changes mainly of small lesions, a membrane, proliferation, cell proliferation and focal glomerulosclerosis changes.
The incidence in more than 45 years of thinking of patients, except perhaps must pay attention to associated with malignant tumors, such as minimalchange nephropathy with Hodgkin's disease, membranous lupus nephritis accompanied by lung, breast, gastrointestinal tumor etc..
Secondary renal
Secondary refers to secondary to other diseases or caused by specific causes of patients. Such as drug mediated renal kidney fully mechanized, cause poisoning, allergies, the immune response, the kidney synthesis caused by bacteria, virus and parasite infection, nephritic tumor and genetic cause, connective cells, allergic purpura and other systemic diseases caused by diabetes, amyloid metabolism of the kidney synthesis and so on. In the adult kidney, 1 / 3 of the total and 10% of the children can be affected by the secondary causes.
The kidney synthesis is how to incidence I believe you have a certain understanding, so to have been diagnosed with nephrotic patients, to understand what are the kidney synthesis cure method, choose the most suitable method of treatment, is not recommended because of the hormone treatment, palliative, easy rebound. Chinese medicine treatment has a very big advantage, you can consult online expert analysis to explain the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

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