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What are the causes of edema of the kidney?

2017-01-24 16:28

In the kidney during the disease, the majority of patients with hand and foot edema occurs. Because if the edema time is too long, and can not get effective treatment, the side effects of the patient's health. So the majority of patients with kidney, be sure to pay attention to the prevention and treatment of edema. So what is the cause of edema of the kidney? Let me have a kidney expert for the detailed analysis.
The cause of edema of the kidney:
1, plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreased
The exchange of blood vessels inside and outside the body is regulated by the osmotic pressure. Osmotic pressure including crystal osmotic pressure and colloid osmotic pressure, patients from the crystalline substance, because it can be free through the capillary wall, so it has little effect on vascular and fluid exchange; the patients mainly from the protein, because of its non free through the capillary wall, so it is the main cause of vascular and exchange of body fluids. Because of the loss of a large number of proteins in the urine, which leads to hypoproteinemia, the plasma colloid osmotic pressure is reduced, and the water in the blood vessel moves to the hypertonic intercellular fluid, and the edema occurs.
2, effective blood volume gradually reduced
The plasma water moves less effective blood volume, thus resulting in the change in vivo: increase of antidiuretic hormone by volumereceptor, the renal tubular reabsorption of water increased; by the activation of renin angiotensin aldosterone system, produce secondary aldosteronism, the renal tubular sodium reabsorption; inhibition of natriuretic factor, the renal sodium excretion less. So the body of water, sodium retention, further aggravated edema.
For the treatment of kidney, the patient must seize the time to seek medical treatment. The characteristics of Chinese medicine penetration therapy + six immunotherapy, innovation proposed shengqingjiangzhuo, two-way complex kidney; new theory of traditional Chinese medicine, combining Chinese and western, successful treatment research to create a unique combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine to treat kidney. The treatment method that through pharmacology, pharmacodynamics, toxicology, microcirculation and immunity test, can effectively improve the microcirculation of kidney, regulating immunity, reversal of renal cell lesions, recovery by impaired kidney function, with the regeneration technology, the renal atrophy gradually restored.
Warm tip: in fact, there may be some other causes of edema, so when showing this performance, the patient should not worry too much. The most important thing is to accept the relevant inspection as soon as possible, actively cooperate with the treatment, be sure to be able to treat as soon as possible. If there are other questions about the treatment of the disease, please consult our online kidney specialist or QQ counseling. I wish you a speedy treatment.

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