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The pathogenesis of primary nephrotic syndrome

2017-01-24 16:02

What is the kidney synthesis in clinical typing? What is the pathogenesis of primary nephrotic syndrome of primary nephrotic syndrome? What are the symptoms? According to a series of questions, I will survey the hospital and hospital kidney kidney the my site attached to the nephropathy experts take a look at it I hope to help you!
1) disease syndrome in clinical classification for acute lupus nephritis, lupus nephritis, chronic progressive lupus nephritis (common type, high blood pressure, chronic nephritic type, lupus nephritis, acute onset), glomerular nephropathy. It is very likely that these kidneys will develop into a kidney if they do not have a reasonable and effective treatment.
2. On the basis of the pathogenesis of kidney syndrome, it can be pided into: minimal change nephropathy, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, membranous proliferative nephropathy, mesangial proliferative nephropathy, and.
According to the opinions of the experts of the national nephropathy nephropathy, the primary kidney was pided into two types: type I and type ii. Which type do not exhibit persistent high blood pressure and renal function damage, showed urinary protein in the vast majority is albumin, use of hormone treatment was obvious, is relatively easy to cure. While type II kidney synthesis often accompanied by high blood pressure, occult blood, renal insufficiency showed, this is shown as non selective proteinuria PRO proteinuria, PRO, FDP and C3 in urine were positive on glucocorticoid treatment was obvious.
The experts tell whether nephropathy nephropathy patients in renal clinical type or incidence principle types are transformed into each other, it is comprehensive for the development of type 1 renal type II renal ensemble, even the development of uremia high creatinine. Hope that the patient's friends can pay attention to observe the changes in their bodies, and strive to do early show, early treatment, early recovery.

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