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Nephrotic syndrome can not eat what fruit?

2017-01-25 17:14
Nephrotic syndrome can not eat what fruit?
Nephrotic syndrome can not eat some fruit, such as bananas, oranges, hawthorn, peach, like the high sodium foods, food is not suitable for kidney disease patients, so that this kind of food is not to eat better, with appropriate to eat foods rich in protein, there will be good effect on the patient's body.
Nephrotic syndrome will bring great suffering to the people, and in some cases the body will therefore appear some discomfort symptoms, some patients will appear body edema, but also affect the health of the body, appears to have a fever, proteinuria and other symptoms, then, nephrotic syndrome can not eat what fruit.
1, suffering from nephrotic syndrome patients can not eat sodium containing high fruit, including bananas, citrus, oranges, hawthorn, peach, persimmon, watermelon, apple and so on, because of high sodium intake of fruit, will directly increase in patients with renal failure, resulting in the patient's life will be affected by some harm, so the patient must remember not to eat this kind of fruit, and fruit will have a lot of water, the water intake too much, it will bring some adverse effect on the patients with nephrotic syndrome, patients will lead to more severe edema symptoms, so can not eat too much if you want to eat fruit, with fruit you can eat the appropriate potassium and low sodium containing fruit.
2, the patients with adequate intake of some delicate nutritious diet can be, especially can be appropriate to eat some fresh vegetables, vegetables are generally what adverse effects on the patient's body is not, as long as the attention to the way of cooking it, avoid eating greasy things, and seafood food do not eat, and some spicy things, patients need to avoid eating, must maintain a reasonable diet adjustment and collocation, treatment and recovery of patients with this body will have a good effect.
3, nephrotic syndrome patients also need active treatment, treatment of nephrotic syndrome in traditional methods is angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors such as application, dialysis and renal transplantation for treatment, but the effect of drug treatment is generally not very good, so the patient can go to professional hospital for more precise way the treatment, believe that the treatment effect will be better, patients also need to pay attention to rest.
Finally, got the patients with nephrotic syndrome, as long as a good diet plus active treatment, generally can be controlled and improve the effect of the illness, the patient also needs to maintain a good attitude, always avoid emotional cranky, otherwise the patient recovery will have some adverse effects.

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