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What is the diet of children with nephrotic syndrome?

2017-06-01 15:07
Nephrotic syndrome is a group of diseases that originate in glomeruli, which can be caused by a variety of causes. The disease is seen in children, whose symptoms include proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, varying degrees of swelling and hyperlipemia. There is a lot of protein in the patient's urine, and fat drops, but no visible blood. Plasma protein is reduced, anemia is apparent, and the whole body has various levels of edema. The treatment of this kind of disease is important, the total heat energy should be sufficient, because kidney function is normal, often adopt high protein diet commonly. As long as the child's appetite is better, the protein can supply 3 to 5 grams per kilogram of body weight per day, more than half of which should be animal protein. If children have poor appetite, they can give concentrated protein foods, such as calcium curds. Edible calcium can be added to flour noodles made from the curds of food, such as this can increase the protein content and has diuretic effect, and improve of hypoalbuminemia and edema are helpful. If mergers increased blood lipid, low-fat diet does not make it better, and through repeated can improve protein and edible right amount of fat, cooked oil vegetable oil as well. Carbohydrates should be sufficient to conserve egg whites.
Eliminate puffiness and limit sodium intake, usually with a low salt diet (1 to 1.5 grams of salt per day). Others have argued that sodium salt should not be restricted, relying mainly on diuretics to eliminate edema. If you use diuretics, pay attention to the potassium salt. Along with the increase in quantity, the excretion of sodium also increases, and sodium salt lack that may aggravate renal dysfunction, so when edema after out, should consider the appropriate increase sodium intake.
In the diet should contain enough vitamin A, vitamin C and B vitamins, and rich in iron, calcium, lest caused by calcium deficiency and osteoporosis. Taboo foods and strong condiments.
What is the diet of children with nephrotic syndrome?
Nephrotic syndrome is a chronic, wasting disease, and the parent sees the symptoms as systemic edema. Sick children have a lot of protein in urine, caused by long-term protein in urine hypoalbuminemia (plasma protein content is lower, normal for 6 ~ 7 grams per 100 ml) and hypercholesterolemia (increased blood lipid, normal per 100 100 ~ 200 milligrams per deciliter of blood) according to the above situation, choose diet will have high quantity of heat, high protein, low fat, low sodium, calcium and vitamin. But sick children often loss of appetite, don't want to eat, high protein, high quantity of heat cannot add, therefore, should try to improve cooking, pay attention to food color, aroma, taste, reduce food capacity, improve quality, to achieve the kidney disease nutritional therapy. To keep your body heat enough to restore your health, you can supply high-carb, and eat a lot of candied candy or glucose in addition to rice and noodles. For added loss of protein and maintain growth and development needs, the protein should according to the supply of 3 ~ 5 grams per kilogram of body weight, animal protein and vegetable protein proportion with half advisable. Fat content can be learned from vegetable oil, margarine and other plant foods. Fruit and vegetable foods contain pectin and fiber, and long-term use reduces cholesterol.

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