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Nephrotic syndrome can eat snacks?

2017-08-12 18:30

Nephrotic syndrome is a large number of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, high edema and hyperlipidemia as the main symptoms of clinical manifestations, the disease will directly affect the patient's health, so after the disease To be timely treatment, and in the treatment of the time also need to pay attention to diet conditioning, but some patients in the daily time often like to eat some snacks, then, nephrotic syndrome can eat snacks?

Due to nephrotic syndrome after most of the time there will be a large number of proteinuria out of the body, and proteinuria is too much loss will lead directly to the loss of protein in the body, which will increase the function of kidney damage, if at this time the patient eat Some snacks, because the snack itself contains a certain amount of additives, and this material will increase the burden of the patient's kidneys, and even harm the function of the kidney, so the pathogenesis of nephrotic syndrome must avoid eating these foods The But if it is healthy people, one of the additives on health is not made harm, but snack or should eat less.

In addition to snacks should eat less, in the daily diet which some spicy stimulation, fried and barbecued food should also be avoided, because these foods once too much intake is very easy to cause irritation to the kidneys, which will lead to more and more illness Serious, so in the diet which should be avoided. However, patients with nephrotic syndrome, urinary excretion of protein is more, so during the illness can be appropriate to increase the intake of protein, it is best to high-quality protein-based, such as fish and meat food is better, so in the Supplement the protein at the same time, it can improve the patient's health.

From the above content should be aware of patients with nephrotic syndrome can not eat snacks, but if it is healthy, although these snacks which contain additives on the disease does not affect, but still eat less good. In addition, the occurrence of nephrotic syndrome should also avoid eating spicy stimulation, fried and barbecue food, so that the rehabilitation of the disease will be more favorable.

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