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How does nephrotic syndrome complement proteins?

2017-08-13 17:35

Nephrotic syndrome is mainly due to kidney disease symptoms appear, and sometimes there will be acute nephritis, acute nephritis, renal nephritis phenomenon are the result of a main symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, and nephrotic syndrome caused by many causes, such as glomerular basement membrane relatively transparent, we lead to the emergence of a large number of proteinuria or hypoproteinemia.

For the nephrotic syndrome who require the use of high quality protein, but also to ensure sufficient heat, if less salt, the amount of salt per day less than three grams, and the protein especially more food, in addition to nephrotic syndrome, other nephropathy patients have low fat and low protein and low salt.

Patients with nephrotic syndrome to high quality protein, but also contains some essential amino acids and animal protein, so that the protein is mainly from the animal protein, such as egg, beef, chicken, and lamb, which belong to the animal protein, are also good to eat some protein, high-quality protein, is good for our people of nephrotic syndrome.

Some protein such as soybean protein or plant protein, which are not belong to high-quality protein, so don't eat these proteins to eat some animal protein, is beneficial to our body protein supplement is mainly because we will produce a large amount of proteinuria, will appear some hypoproteinemia the phenomenon, so that we have to add some more protein is good for our body's recovery.

For nephrotic syndrome, we must pay attention to the elimination of edema, edema when eating less salt, because the salt will cause us to drink plenty of water, so when you say edema, we must eat less salt.

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