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What is the diet requirement of kidney cancer?

2017-10-05 14:57

In the course of treatment we must do a good job of kidney cancer diet care, in order to reduce the harm of patients with disease, early recovery to good health. So, how to do a good job of kidney cancer diet care?

What is the diet requirement of kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer diet should pay attention to the intake of high-fat foods, should be light-based, reduce fat diet. Such as milk, carp, adult daily intake of about 60g or so, and the main high biological protein.

Quit smoking and alcohol, control weight. Kidney cancer patients need to quit smoking and drinking, some patients have a greater alcohol addiction, you can drink a little, such as drinking no more than a cup to avoid overweight or excessive obesity easily lead to kidney cancer and increased contralateral kidney burden.

There are some basic taboos in the kidney cancer diet, which requires the patient's own and family attention. Bogey: spicy food, fried, crab, garlic, raw onions, parsley, dog meat, wine, spiced and so on. Edema and hypertension should avoid salt, limit the amount of protein food intake, less drinking water. No edema, unlimited drinking water and protein food intake. Diabetic nephropathy, to drink more water, to maintain adequate urine output, should fasting lentils, spinach, tea, coffee, animal offal and so on.

Patients in daily life, we must pay attention do not eat the food taht should  not eat. Limit the intake of red meat, including pigs, cattle, lamb, as little as possible through the high temperature processing of meat products, etc., should be less than 90 grams per day, preferably with fish and poultry instead of red meat. Try to avoid sugary drinks, limit the intake of high-energy foods, especially high-sugar foods, or low-fiber, high-fat processed foods such as hamburgers, French fries and so on. B arbecued meat should avoid burning.

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