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What are the ways to prevent kidney disease?

2017-01-24 16:01

The prevention of kidney integration, in fact, rely on everyone's attention in the usual life. As long as the daily attention to the prevention of kidney synthesis, we must be able to greatly reduce the number of diseases may be, to ensure the safety of their own health. So what are the ways to prevent kidney disease? Let me have a kidney expert for the detailed analysis.
Methods to prevent kidney disease:
A note, don't hold water to drink more naturally often on the toilet, this is the law of nature, but some people because of trouble, they often hold back, this is perhaps caused by kidney disease. Because the urine in the bladder for too long is easy to breed bacteria, bacteria may be infected through the ureter to the kidney, full of water every day at any time to urinate, the kidney is not easy to stone.
Two, can not take medication in some patients after sick, often by buying medicine without prescription, medicine service, if antibiotics are excessive, it will impede the kidney function, especially not to take more diuretics.
Three. Detection of renal function should be checked every six months to go to a regular hospital to do a urine screening examination, blood pressure, almost half of the patients due to kidney kidney damage process is performed in imperceptibly, then wait until the body was not very timely, may have to end-stage kidney disease, need to rely on the survival time of dialysis the.
Four, pay attention to painkillers without a doctor's prescription, is usually prohibited the use of commercially available analgesics. As a result of these analgesic effects and usually painkillers, if used for a long time, please discuss with the kidney specialist, because of the use of painkillers for a long time, serious damage to the kidney.
Five, to control the onset of diabetes due to the incidence of diabetes will be gradually transformed into kidney disease, resulting in diabetes patients have some degree of side effects. In diabetic patients, the blood vessels are slightly hardened, especially at the end. The kidneys are made up of millions of tiny blood vessels, which can also be damaged when the disease is severe.
Six, the high blood pressure control will also lead to high incidence of uremia. If you have high blood pressure, be sure to immediately find a doctor to take medicine, the blood pressure to be controlled in a safe range. Because of the high blood pressure for a long period of time will continue to balance the kidneys of the micro blood vessels, kidney is composed of two million kidney embroidered.
In order to treat the disease as soon as possible, the patient must seize the time to seek medical treatment. One of my school "characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine therapy + six immune therapy", to improve the treatment level of kidney disease under the premise, through the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, in many ways, cooperate with each other, both specimens, greatly improve the kidney disease treatment fruit.

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