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Healing of the kidney?

2017-02-02 17:42

Some friends in the health examination, will check out the relevant performance of the kidney. This time we should treat as early as possible, so as to cure. However, some friends do not have the conditions for regular health checks, even if the body does not understand the question. The National Kidney nephrosis expert tells: the public friend in the spare time can understand the kidney synthesis the correlation performance, this is beneficial to the body observation and the illness treatment. So what is the performance of the kidney? How should be treated?
What is the performance of the kidney? Kidney experts say: symptoms need to know.
According to the data: NS (nephroticsyndrome) refers to a group of symptoms, including a large number of proteinuria PRO, hypoproteinemia, hyperlipidemia and edema. Clinical features: three high and one low, namely proteinuria PRO (more than 3.5g/d), edema, hyperlipidemia, low plasma protein (30g/L). Patients with severe disease will have serous cavity effusion, urine performance.
Symptoms: edema: not the same degree of edema, often the first manifestation of kidney synthesis, often hidden attack occurs, severe patients often have serous cavity effusion. Less urine: less than 400ml/ days, or even urine. Before the onset of upper respiratory tract infection, skin infections and other infections. Often fatigue, anorexia, pale, listlessness and performance. Most of the blood pressure is normal, some have high blood pressure.
Healing of the kidney? Patients on the characteristics of Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy + six immunotherapy.
It is reported that: I belong to the website of the kidney disease hospital (health QQ:010-68067120) treatment of kidney disease, breaking the traditional treatment methods, the use of the latest treatment methods, traditional Chinese medicine therapy + six". According to understanding, "Chinese medicine osmotherapy + six immune therapy" in kidney disease (KDIGO) and accelerate the global Committee of Chinese Medical Association of kidney disease will be under the support of medical institutions in our hospital, led by America, G Phillips Survey Institute team nephrologist jointly developed by "section" clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases as the basis, using western medicine diagnostic methods and biological international most advanced treatment technology, the integration of domestic Chinese medicine survey results, take "type, due to the comprehensive treatment, symptomatic," for patients with kidney disease, is a complete set of kidney disease prevention and cure and treatment of integration.
Treatment of kidney disease, I belong to the site of the kidney hospital breakthrough traditional treatment methods, the use of the latest "traditional Chinese medicine therapy + six immune therapy" treatment. February 2007, the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine penetration therapy + six immunotherapy was the first to formally put into clinical use in the hospital. Chinese medicine osmotherapy + six treatment methods mainly all kinds of acute and chronic nephritis, nephrotic, uremia, renal cysts, uremia, high creatinine, IgA nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy and Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis, kidney stone, hydronephrosis, lupus nephritis, nephropathy and other primary and secondary renal disease.
The above is a comprehensive analysis of the kidney to explain the treatment, hoping to bring help to the patient's friends. The final reminder: nephropathy experts often feel physical fatigue tired, lethargic, pale, oliguria, edema, we must not ignore these manifestations, which may be the precursor of nephropathy. Therefore, we must seize the time to do a regular inspection of the hospital, if diagnosed as a comprehensive treatment of the kidney as soon as possible, so that the body can also be faster treatment.

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