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How to eat a good diet for chronic disease

2017-01-24 16:08

Chronic uremia how to eat on the condition of good? Chronic uremia is one of the common nephropathy, the side effects of the human body is actually very large. As the saying goes: three points by the rule, by the support of the seven points for the future maintenance is very useful, diet is the most important. Maybe many people don't know how to eat properly
Is better. You do not understand now, it does not matter, let us under the site of the kidney disease experts affiliated to the hospital to explain to you.
Uremic patients in the diet should pay attention to the following standards:
1 low potassium diet. Patients with chronic renal failure is very easy to show elevated serum potassium, so that the heart function is affected, severe cases can lead to cardiac arrest. It should be Shensi banana, soy sauce, MSG, potatoes, bamboo shoots, mustard, steamed, dried radish, mushrooms, fungus, tremella high potassium food.
2 low salt diet. Patients with chronic renal failure are often associated with high blood pressure, while a low salt diet can stay away from elevated blood pressure, especially for patients with edema. Low salt diet can stay away from sodium and water retention, reduce the burden on the kidneys, accelerate edema subsided.
4 avoid spicy. Patients with chronic renal failure try not to eat spicy foods, such as pepper, pepper, fennel, garlic, etc.. Because of spicy food easy to cause people get angry". Clams, shrimp, crab and other seafood and five spices, aniseed, coriander and other things, also should be cautious consumption.
5 eat less vegetable protein. Plant protein is a crude protein, the human body to the utilization of plant protein is low, after eating vegetable protein produced by the metabolic waste is relatively more, will increase the burden on the kidneys, resulting in increased creatinine, urea nitrogen, increase the severity of the disease. Therefore, beans, soy products and other high protein content of food, such as mushrooms, fungus, flowers
Health, melon seeds, etc. should also eat less or eat carefully.
6 reasonable adjustment of diet. For patients with chronic renal failure, 250g milk, 1 eggs, 50g lean meat, the patient can be almost full of protein requirements. But also to vary from person to person, better follow the doctor's advice to adjust the diet, so as to achieve drug and diet double insurance, play a better effect.
7 initial high purine food. Patients with renal failure secondary gout, should be prohibited to eat high purine foods. Due to the purine metabolism in the body out of doubt, triggering joint swelling and pain, the formation of gout nodules, but also may clog the renal capillaries, increased renal failure
These are the experts in our hospital for chronic uremia, how to eat a good diet on the condition of all the explanations, I hope to help you. Cure is not only with the doctor to heal, should cause more attention in the diet, the disease has two pronged effect on your condition can more effectively cure. If you still don't
If you know, you are welcome to consult the online experts. I believe you will get more knowledge of the disease.

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