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What are the specific symptoms of nephrotic syndrome

2017-01-24 15:59

What are the specific symptoms of nephrotic syndrome
The kidney is an important organ for people, and when the organ lesion was found when the body for this big machine, the impact is relatively large, people often say that the kidney is the source of its importance as can be imagined. Nephrotic syndrome is one of the more prone to disease, the harm to patients is also very large. Here we describe what the specific symptoms of nephrotic syndrome.What are the specific symptoms of nephrotic syndrome?1, urine foam, and a long time does not disappear. This is a symptom of urinary protein excretion;2, urine discoloration. People's urine appears concentrated brown, wash water meat, soy sauce or muddy color;3, excessive or too little urine. Normal average daily urine volume was 1500 ml, if people have no fever, sweating, drinking lots of water, urine volume plummeted or a sharp increase, it should be promptly to the hospital;4, normal people under the age of 60, there will be no nocturnal urine, if the young people to increase urine, is likely to be an early manifestation of renal dysfunction.5, edema. Appear edema, should cause people's attention, edema will appear in the morning after getting up eyelid or facial edema, and severe edema will appear in the medial ankle, double lower limbs, waist and sacrum, etc.;6, low back pain. There is no clear cause of low back pain, should check the kidneys, spine and back muscles, etc..


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