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Nephrotic syndrome

2017-01-24 15:59

 If you doubt yourself suffering from nephrotic syndrome, then you can right the following symptoms, see if you have these symptoms, if any, should be to large regular hospital for detailed examination, early detection of disease, early treatment.One: high blood pressure. The clinical manifestations of non nephrotic syndrome. But there is water and sodium retention and increased blood volume, there may be transient hypertension, and type of primary nephrotic syndrome with hypertension.Two: systemic edema. Almost when suffering from nephrotic syndrome, patients with varying degrees of edema, in general, swelling in the face, lower limbs and scrotum and other parts is the most obvious part. Edema for several weeks, may also be a few months, may also be the whole course of the disease, in the infection (especially streptococcal infection), often make the recurrence or aggravation of edema, or even can appear.Three: proteinuria. Proteinuria is one of the most important features in the diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome.Four: low serum protein. It is mainly the decline of plasma protein, and the extent of its decline has an important relationship with the degree of proteinuria.


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