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Nephrotic syndrome in children

2017-01-24 15:59

We often have the following points:1 low serum albumin:To reduce the total plasma protein in the patients with obvious children, resulting in reversal of the proportion of albumin and globulin increased significantly, some p globulin gradually, resulting in abnormal protein or reduced, resulting in children with nephrotic syndrome.2 severe edema:This is the earliest stage of nephrotic syndrome in children, often can be seen in patients with eyelid and facial, usually throughout the upper and lower extremities and trunk with body parts, along with the change of the illness and the heavier, the formation of pale skin even facial flat case.3 large amounts of proteinuria:Children with nephrotic syndrome will lead to higher than 5 of serum cholesterol, 70mm01/L, resulting in decreased lipoprotein cholesterol, human serum albumin <10e/L triglyceride increased. Total cholesterol was higher than 6.46mm01/L.4 other:Have children with nephrotic syndrome can lead to loss of human proteins, can exist for a long time will appear dry hair yellow, dry skin, serious phenomenon of eczema and ulcers, pediatric patients showed relatively slow growth, resulting in serious infection.


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