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What are the five symptoms of primary nephrotic syndrome need vigilance

2017-01-24 15:54

What are the five symptoms of primary nephrotic syndrome need vigilance
Primary nephrotic syndrome is a disease caused by kidney disease, there are a lot of the disease symptoms, but there are five symptoms in patients who need to be vigilant, five symptoms are urine, urinary foam discoloration, urine too much or too little, edema, lumbago, wary of the five the symptoms appear, is helpful for patients with the disease.
Many kinds of diseases that appear in people are pided into two kinds of primary and secondary, the primary disease is basically not very clear cause of disease. The kidney is an organ which is very important for people, but now more and more about kidney disease, such as nephrotic syndrome, the disease is pided into primary and secondary, primary nephrotic syndrome occurs in people's lives high, now introduce on the symptoms of the disease.
Primary nephrotic syndrome is a syndrome consisting of many kidney diseases, such as hypoproteinemia and hyperlipidemia. There are one or more of their own symptoms of each disease, primary nephrotic syndrome has many kinds of symptoms, the main symptoms are pale, fatigue, dizziness, but there are five kinds of symptoms need to alert people. Primary nephrotic syndrome requires vigilance:
1, urine bubble, normal human urine basically no bubble, a few people might have a little bubble, but the bubble is not many, if you find yourself in the urine has a lot of foam and never disappear, that contains lots of protein in the urine, but also shows kidney problems;
2, urine color, urine is concentrated or brown sauce.
3, the amount of urine too much or too little, have a great relationship with the kidney voiding function of the human body, excluded because of possibility of drinking lots of water or sweating due to their urine too much or too little, if they do not have this, need to pay attention to appearance of primary nephrotic syndrome;
4, edema, which is the most obvious symptoms of primary nephrotic syndrome, the initial onset of edema is only part of the site, but over time the swelling will appear in the body;
5, lumbago, backache appears It is without rhyme or reason. phenomenon, need to check whether there are abnormal his kidney problems.
Many diseases are manifested by the symptoms of the disease and the patient is aware of the symptoms of disease, although the symptoms of the patient, but also a signal issued by the body. Learn more about all aspects of the disease, is beneficial to the disease. The above is about the symptoms of primary nephrotic syndrome, we need to be vigilant is one of the five symptoms.

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